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Avoca - Family history - Part 2

June went to the Avoca mill in Ireland with her family in May.  She was delighted to see the weaving process still in place with many of the original designs by the three Wynne sisters still being made.  June was able to see memorabilia including photographs of the sisters, letters from the Queen's palace for items received, original weaving tools along with original woven garments and blankets. 

Looking around the countryside, it's not difficult to see where the sisters got their inspiration from.  The landscape is a mixture of peat fields, rocky hills, stunning flower meadows and it has a micro climate which enables tropical plants to grow there.  The people are friendly and welcoming.  Avoca is a very large set up now with two main sites and some cafes.  As well as high quality clothing, Avoca produces food, drinks, stationery and accessories.  It has grown immensely since the days of the Wynne sisters took over the dying mill.  These days it produces fine woven fabrics including silks and these are often incorporated into the designs of June Parsons. 

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