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Current Projects

This month sees The Spiral Mill working toward finishing a couple of projects including a beautiful ensemble we have called English Garden.  It's a corset and skirt in Sea Foam green satin with lace, silk flowers, Swarovski crystals and leather adorning the front of the corset.  It brings to mind fresh spring meadows with blossomed trees. 

We have started a pair of 15th century stays (early British name for corset) in black satin coutil with a matching black fluid satin skirt for a New Year's Eve Dinner Dance.  The embellishment is being finalised and the finished stays will be a combination of contemporary and historical elements.

There are plans in the pipeline for a limited range of ready to wear corsets with optional matching skirts for 2015.  More on this as we progress forward.

Exciting future plans include a return visit for June to The Oxford Conference of Corsetry in August 2015.

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