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What have we been up to?

Our blog has gone unchanged over the last year and this is mostly due to the fact that we've been really busy.


We have been working on a number of commissions to design and create wedding gowns for private clients; making samples of June's designs to showcase in boutiques and we've also successfully introduced our alterations service which breaths life back into previously loved garments and ensures new garments fit perfectly.


We have been making veils, fascinators, flower girl dresses, coats, day dresses and ladies tailored suits for a variety of clients.


In between all this, June has been helping out with a number of Theatre and Television productions at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, BBC3 Television, The Grand Theatre in Leeds and the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford. She has been assisting with their Wardrobe requirements for high profile Artistes and touring productions.


June was the Principle Costume Maker for the Dame character in the Sleeping Beauty Rock n Roll Pantomime at City Varieties Music Hall. The costumes were designed by the very talented Judith Croft Costume Designer.


Social Media – We love to chat


In response to having experienced a few technical problems with online messenger and customers missing text messages, we have been reviewing our options for communicating with existing clients, potential customers and suppliers.


We know people are busy and often want to send a message quickly and continue with their day. We understand this and hope that people will appreciate that our responses are often complex and require discussion either by telephone or in person. So much understanding can be lost in a cropped text.


To date the best form of communication for us has been by telephone with a follow up email to recap any details which have been confirmed. A telephone conversation ensures mutual understanding of requirements and provides an opportunity to address queries immediately. We know you would prefer us to be creating beautiful things instead of regularly checking social media for messages. We will update communication options on our facebook page in due course to encourage people to pick up the telephone.


We love to chat!


What's new?

The ready to wear range is developing and will be ready to showcase in 2018. More details will be offered as this range progresses.

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